Warehouse agreement

Enables higher efficiency

Micro Matic is experienced within integrated Supply Chain Management concepts, giving our customers the option to outsource their complete purchasing, warehousing and distribution activities – thereby enabling higher efficiency.

Our web shop makes it easy to place an order 24/7. All customers can view product images, price lists, technical specifications, and spare part lists, as well as their order and product history and status.


Save the environment - and money

Micro Matic offer Equipment Refurbishment of all your beverage dispense equipment taken out of trade either internally or externally. Our knowledge about the products and the scale of our equipment refurbishment business enables us to offer you prices at a level where you will get substantial cost savings.

We take care of the sorting, scrapping and refurbishing. All in accordance with legal requirement concerning environment and safety regulations.

All refurbished equipment is transferred to our stock and made available to you from our web shop, at no cost to you before you need the equipment again.

All the equipment that is refurbished, is as good as new, which allows us to offer you 12 months guarantee afterwards. All equipment refurbishing solutions are done based on each customer requirements.

Consulting & Design

The draft beer experience begins at first glance

We pride ourselves in being experts on the products we sell, and we are happy to offer our assistance as a service to our customers.

The Micro Matic team consists of talented and experienced professionals who understands your business.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you in the planning, design, product specification, and installation phases of your project.

Certified installer/Service network

Certified Installers provide scalable installation and support services that are expandable to meet your project requirements through a single point of contact. Whether you need to install a new draft beer system in multiple locations, upgrade your equipment to improve efficiency or require technical services.

Our sales consultants will assemble a team of certified Micro Matic technicians dedicated to the success of your project - a team that will finish the job on time, within budget and according to specification.