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If you are unsure of what to order, or have any questions, please contact us before ordering. We will be pleased to provide accurate and descriptive details on any of our products.

How to order

Ordering couldn't be easier! You may place online orders 24 hours a day 365 days a year! Normally, orders placed before 13:00 pm ships the following business day. You can also place your order via phone during regular business hours of Monday through Friday 08:00 to 16:00 (Lunch 12:00 to 13:00).

E-mail orders:
Phone orders: +46 340 545 700 Fax orders: +46 340 545 701

Product Availability

Unless otherwise noted, all items shown on our Micro Matic web shop are stocked by our strategic located warehouse in Varberg, Sweden. Orders are always shipped from this warehouse for quick delivery. While we maintain a large stock of products, it is wise to contact us for item availability if your order is especially urgent. If your selected products is not available, you can see expected ship date in your open order lines in my account menu within a few working days.


VAT will be charged to orders invoiced to Norwegian and Swedish customers.

Changing (or canceling) an order

You can change or cancel an order after you have placed it, provided the order has not yet entered the shipping process. We will do our best to act on any request to change or cancel order. However we process and ship orders quickly, so please notify us promptly on any such request.

Cancellations or refusal of orders, which have already been shipped, are subject to the handling and restocking charge of 40,00 € as well as no refund for shipping charges.

E-mail Order Notifications

Shortly after placing your order, you will receive an e-mail confirming we have received your order.

Order Inquires

If you have questions about an order you placed, you may reply to your e-mail order notification, or call us at +46 340 545 700 during regular business hours of Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 (closed for lunch 12:00 to 13:00). Please have your order number available to help expedite your call.

Typographical Errors

In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price, Micro Matic shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product listed at the incorrect price. Micro Matic shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed or not.



Orders to Sweden are shipped every day. Orders placed before 12:00 pm are packed the same day and shipped early in the morning the following business day. Transit times for most shipments are normally one business day (Monday to Friday).

Orders to Norway are shipped Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Order needs to be placed before 12:00 pm the day before shipping days to be included. Transit times for most shipments are normally two to three business days (Monday to Friday).

Orders to Denmark are shipped every day. Orders placed before 12:00 pm are packed the same day and shipped early in the morning the following business day. Transit times for most shipments are normally one business day (Monday to Friday).

Orders to Finland are shipped every day. Order needs to be placed before 12:00 pm the day before shipping days to be included. Transit times for most shipments are normally two to three business days (Monday to Friday).

For delivery requests beyond the specified shipping days, please contact Customer Service.

Micro Matic is not responsible for delays in shipping.

Freight costs

You will be charged freight cost when placing an order.

The new EU-directive called Mobility package and increasing fuel prices affect our freight costs. As changes may occur over time we reserve us the right to adjust freight costs if necessary.

A customs fee will be charged additionally on shipments to Norway.

 Micro Matic Nordic Freight costs

Heavy or Oversize Items

The Monday to Friday freight carrier delivery includes curbside drop off and does not include carrying the item into the building, un-packaging, or installation. For freight carrier shipment, if a dock or forklift is not available, we recommend having a minimum of two people available at the drop-off time for unloading the shipment.

Customer Pickup

Although we do not have showrooms to support walk-in business, most items are available for pickup at our warehouse. To find the availability of an item, simply click on the More Info button on the item.

Orders for customer pickup can be placed at +46 340 545 700 during regular business hours of Monday through Friday 08:00 to 16:00 (Lunch 12:00 to 13:00). Once placed, most orders for customer pickup are processed and ready for pickup within 3 to 4 business hours. If the order is placed via the web shop please write in comments field, that you wish to pickup the order at MM warehouse in Varberg.

Receiving shipments

Upon delivery of the shipment, it is extremely important to carefully unpack and inspect the contents thoroughly for any sign of damage before signing the carriers freight bill of lading. The driver is required by his/her employer to wait during your inspection. If damage is found, you should refuse the shipment immediately and the driver is required to take the shipment back. If the outside packaging is damaged, but the contents are not, you should accept the shipment, but make a note on the freight bill the outside packaging was damaged. This will protect your rights in the event there is concealed damage.

By signing the carrier's freight bill, without any notations of damage, you are agreeing the shipment was delivered in good condition. Any damage found after that point, should be directed to the freight carrier in the form of a concealed damage claim. Micro Matic has no recourse to file a freight damage claim once the shipment was signed for as received in good condition.

For damaged shipments that have been refused, we will ship a replacement. All replacement shipments will be shipped standard service. Special or expedited shipping service is available upon request and will be at the customers expense.

Accepted shipments with freight bill notations of damaged packaging and then found to have concealed damaged, must be reported to the freight carrier within 48 hours of delivery. Such occurrences will be remedied as soon as possible with replacement of damaged items shipping once the damaged freight is inspected and accepted by the freight carrier.

You can find the freight carrier contact details here to report a concealed damage.

For all shipments, the packaging should be saved in good order for seven (7) days.

Transit times for most shipments are one to two business days (Monday through Friday). Transit times to rural areas may also be an additional one to two business days beyond the typical one to two business day transit times for freight shipments.

Micro Matic is not responsible for delays in shipping.


What does this warranty cover?

Micro Matic warrants that its products will be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and regular service, and preventative maintenance for the Warranty Period (defined below).

How long does warranty last?

Unless otherwise specified, the Warranty Period is one year from the date of invoice.

How do I make a warranty claim?

You can make a warranty claim by login into the web shop. In the my account menu you will find a link to our Return and warranty form. When a new form is created, we will check it within 2 working days to see, if we can accept it. If it is accepted by us, we will e-mail you a return packing slip. This packing slip needs to be fixed to the box or pallet, that you return. If you have more than one box or pallet, you need to printe more return packing slips and fix one to each box or pallet.

You will receive an e-mail with information about the Return or Warranty Form just 1 min. after you have submitted your request.

You will be able to see status, etc. of all your Return or Warranty Form in the same area, where you create a new return and warranty form. Returns must be registered within 8 days from delivery.

What will Micro Matic do?

After receipt of a Product which Micro Matic determines is defective, Micro Matic will, at its option, either (1) repair (or authorize the repair of) the Product, (2) replace the Product, or (3) refund the purchase price for the Products. Micro Matic’s determination of defects is final. Failure by Purchaser to give notice of claims of breach of warranty within the Warranty Period shall be deemed an absolute and unconditional waiver of Purchaser’s claim for such defects.

All shipments will be shipped standard service. Special or expedited shipping service is available upon request and will be at the Buyers expense.

What is not covered by this warranty?


Micro Matic is not responsible for parts damaged from factors including, but not limited to any part that has been subject to misuse, neglect, alteration, accident, unauthorized service, abuse, or to any damage caused by transportation. This warranty does not cover items subject to normal wear and tear (gaskets, seals, o-rings, etc.).


Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us. Your satisfaction is our ultimate concern. Authorization is required for any shipment return. You can request a return on our website in the my account menu and Return & Warranty. Describe the items being returned and the reason. All returned items must be shipped within eight (8) days of receipt. Items must be unused and in original condition including the original packaging, documentation, warranty cards, manuals, and accessories.

All orders filled correctly are subject to a handling and restocking charge of 40,00 €. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges, unless the cause for the return is a Micro Matic error. For your protection, we recommend you insure all returned packages. Micro Matic is not responsible for returned shipments that are lost, pilfered, or damaged.

Cancellations or refusal of orders, which have already shipped, are subject to a handling and restocking charge of 40,00 € as well as no refund for shipping charges.

Non-Returnable Products

Custom made, manufactured/purchased to order, or clearance products cannot be returned for credit unless it is a Micro Matic or vendor error.

Refund Processing Time

Our warehouse and customer service staff work hard to process returns as quickly as possible. But processing returns, and posting credit notes, can be complicated. Once returns are received, please allow up to 10 business days for a refund to be posted.

General sales and delivery conditions


All sales of the seller's products are made according to the following conditions which have preference to any stipulations laid down in the buyer's order / acceptance, including buyer's general conditions, unless otherwise stated in a written agreement, and in that case with an exact indication of the points from which these sales and delivery conditions are deviating.

2. Quotation and order confirmation

As far as purchase orders are concerned, an agreement of supply is only made when buyer has received a written order confirmation from seller.

3. Product information

Information, technical data, inventory and prices on seller's products stated in catalogues, leaflets, websites and other written material are only to be considered as approximate and not binding on seller, unless a written agreement explicitly states otherwise.
All drawings and technical specifications handed over to buyer prior to or after entering into an agreement remain seller's property. No material must be used or copied by the buyer without the seller's written permission, neither must it be reproduced, handed over nor brought to the knowledge of a third party for another purpose than the performance of the agreement made. Failing an agreement, all documentation handed over should be returned to seller, and also in that case no copying or general use of the material can be made, nor must it be brought to the knowledge of a third party.

The seller is not responsible for the buyer's selection of the product, including compatibility of the product, its use and results, unless the contract explicitly refers to these.

The seller undertakes no responsibility for the buyer's selection of potential supplementary equipment and service requested for use with the product as well as application and results of same.

The seller reserves the right to modify his products without notice as far as such modifications do not cause major restrictions of the applications.

4. Price alterations

The seller reserves the right to alter prices in case of major changes of rates of exchange, increased prices for raw materials, political events or other conditions which the seller cannot control, unless a written agreement states that the seller is not entitled to make such reservation.

5. Passing of risk

The risk for the product is passed upon delivery, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Such agreements are made in accordance with Incoterms 90 terminology.

6. Time of delivery; Delays

The agreed time of delivery is only approximate and subject to full approval of the contents of the agreement, for instance accepted drawings and finally confirmed dimensions. If full or partial prepayment has been agreed, it is a condition that such payments actually have been effected. Failing indication of an exact delivery date, but on the contrary a delivery period, such a period is counted from the date when seller has received all necessary information for fulfilment of the contract and provided that agreed prepayments, if any, have been effected.
The seller is never responsible for delays, unless such delays are owing to gross negligence on his part.

The seller is never responsible for operational losses, loss of profit, loss on goods kept in stock, loss caused by delayed building activities or other contract work or any other direct or indirect loss or direct or indirect costs caused by delayed deliveries.

If delays should occur, and if, at the buyer's request, the seller cannot state a delivery period, the buyer has the right to cancel the order and demand reimbursement of potential (pre)payment, provided that the products have not been made especially to the customer's specifications.

Above statement defines the seller's maximum responsibility in relation to delays.

7. Payment, retention of ownership until payment is made

The seller reserves for himself the right of ownership until the agreed price has been paid.
In that case it is the buyer's duty to take out an insurance on the goods against any damage from the date of the passing of the risk until the agreed price has been paid. The insurance should cover full and new value of the goods in question.

Until close to the date of delivery, the seller has a right to demand, and the customer is bound to give a banker's guarantee payable on demand in an acknowledged bank for the total purchase sum including costs and outlays.

For delivery of products that should form part of another product, the seller is entitled to demand at any time, and the buyer is liable to give a banker's guarantee payable on demand in an acknowledged bank for an amount corresponding to the purchase sum for the parts entered at the time in question,  but not yet paid. If the buyer does not give such a banker's guarantee on request, the seller is entitled to consider the agreement(s) non-fulfilled, wholly or partly, and the seller is entitled to claim delivery of products that have not been used and not paid. The buyer is thus unable to work with or otherwise use such products.

Payment has to be made at the time stated in the invoice. If the buyer does not pay in due time, the seller reserves for himself the right to charge 2% interest on late payments for each new month. The same interest is charged if a respite has been granted. The buyer is not entitled to keep back payments or to set off against asserted claims that have not been accepted by the seller.

If the buyer does not want to receive the lot at the time agreed, he is obliged to pay as if delivery had been made according to the agreement.

8. Packing

Disposable packing has been included in the price and will not be refunded in case of a possible returning.
Multi-way packing will be charged and credited to the customer in case of prompt and safe return, carriage-paid.

The buyer shall reimburse the seller for any costs or charges for which the seller becomes legally liable in respect of the removal and disposal of packaging materials.

9. Property / Incorporeal Rights

The buyer does not acquire property and / or inventor's rights / other incorporeal rights to any computer programmes used for the product, nor any drawings, design, technical solutions etc. whether individually made for the buyer on his account or not, since the buyer is only entitled to use such material in relation to the agreed application of the product.

10. Complaints

Immediately on receipt and prior to taking the products into use, the buyer should inspect the goods supplied to ensure that there are no shortcomings and that the correct quantity has been supplied.

Complaints of defects which have been found or should have been found at a general inspection must be made at once and not later than 8 days after receipt of the products. If the complaint is not made within the time limit stated, the buyer loses his right to put forward a claim. 

Complaints of discrepancies in quantity and damages to the product should be made immediately to the carrier, if any, and to the seller. Otherwise, the buyer loses his right to complain of such faults.

11. Responsibility for shortcomings

Provided that the agreed terms of payment are kept, and that complaints are made in due time, the seller will remedy any shortcomings that turn up during a period from 12 months from the delivery date. The responsibility does not comprise deficiencies caused by factors arisen after the risk has passed over to the buyer.
Remedy is only made by adjustment, repair or replacement of (parts of) the product or its components according to the seller's option. Wages paid for dismounting and mounting will not be refunded. If dismounting and mounting should affect more than the product, such work and costs are irrelevant to the seller as well.

The buyer has to send the seller a written complaint with details of the deficiency without undue delay. The complaint should be made immediately, if there is reason to believe that damages might be involved. If the buyer does not advise the seller of a deficiency within the time limit stated, the buyer will lose his right to make a claim.

Return of repaired parts or return of the product is paid by the seller who takes over replaced parts, if any. Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer will pay such additional costs that may arise if the product is situated at another place than the destination stated in the agreement, or, failing such information, the place of delivery. 

If the product has been changed or someone else than the seller or a repair man appointed by the seller has tried to repair the product, or if the product has been subject to damages or used for unfit purposes, or if installation, operation and maintenance are not in compliance with the seller's stipulations, the seller can refuse to remedy the deficiency free of charge.

Deficiencies caused by conditions for which the buyer or someone else is responsible, or which are not announced until after expiration of the remedying period, are not the seller's business.

The seller's responsibility does not include deficiencies arisen in materials provided by the customer or by a co-producer / supplier appointed by the customer or in constructions ordered or specified by him.

If the seller does not meet his obligations within a reasonable time, the buyer can claim a proportional reduction of the purchase sum, but not more than 15% of the agreed purchase sum. In case of a vital deficiency, the buyer can cancel the agreement by a written notice to the seller, at the same time demanding compensation for his loss, i.e. max. 15% of the agreed purchase sum.

Above conditions are the seller's maximum obligations concerning shortcomings. So the seller is neither responsible for direct nor indirect losses, including operational losses, loss of profit as well as costs or damages etc.

12. Liability for causing damages (product liability)

The seller is responsible for personal injuries according to the legislation concerning product liability.

The seller is not responsible for damages to real and personal property which occurs while the product is in the buyer's possession. Nor is the seller responsible for damages to products made by the buyer or products comprising such parts. Furthermore, the seller is only responsible for damages to real and personal property, if it can be proved that the damage is caused by mistakes or negligence made by the seller or others whom the seller is responsible for.

The seller is not responsible for operational losses, loss of profit or other indirect losses.

If a product liability towards a third party has been imposed on the seller, the buyer is committed to indemnify the seller to the same degree as the seller's responsibility stated in the three previous paragraphs.

These limitations of the seller's responsibility are not valid, if the seller has shown gross negligence.

If the third party claims compensation from one of the parties in accordance with this point, he should advise the other party immediately.

The buyer is bound to let the court or arbitration tribunal bring an action against him which deals with claims made against the seller for damages assertedly caused by the product.

13. Force majeure

The seller's obligations are suspended and can be dropped when missing fulfilment is owing to conditions beyond the seller's control.

14. Venue and law

Any dispute arising out of the contract shall be settled before a (Danish court). (The venue is "Sø- og Handelsretten" in Copenhagen). However, the seller is entitled to demand arbitration according to the general rules of the (Danish court). (The Court of Arbitration is set up in Copenhagen). Settlement through arbitration does not exclude the possibility of an injunction or that other preliminary remedies can be carried through at the relevant revenue.

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